LCF eggs

Eggs? Yes, if they are from cruelty free hens.

1)Normally home kept.

2) No breeding programme.

3) Layers are rescued chickens.

4) All chickens are looked after for life.

There are many horrible things that go on in commercial egg laying factories. The killing of male chicks in horrific ways. The battery hen with it’s beak cut back, the callous way the chickens are killed after their egg laying is done.

Normally hens are only used for a couple of years for eggs and then sent to the pot whilst they are still tender.

At this point you can rescue them, keep them in your garden give them a good life and get an egg everyday if you are lucky. We have 4 recused hens here and each day three of them provide an egg, the other lays when she wants to. No pressure. They are free to roam and enjoy the garden. They don’t cause any damage are good for the earth and are loving and intelligent. RESCUE UK RESCUE USA